Petal & Co - Branding and Packaging Design The task was to create a private label for a line of colorful gardening supplies and whimsical outdoor decorations.

Simple Function - Branding and Packaging Design A “no-nonsense” brand for gardening supplies. The intent was to stand out from competition by moving away from the common use of foliage imagery and to engage more directly with the consumer.

Boldly Colorful - A label developed for a line of school / office supplies that feature multi-packs in bright colors. As the product itself was going to be colorful, the strategy was to get impact by contrasting the stark black and white (bold) with the multi-colored packaged items (colorful.)

Fuerte - This is a line of cookware for the Spanish speaking market I was tasked with developing. The design is bi-lingual, and is built around a bisected composition with strong photographic background or product image over the left half.

Style Sanctuary Sheets - This is for a retailer’s private label for sheets and other soft goods. The corner cradle box is something I had not seen in my research for sheets and stands out boldly on the shelf. I used the brand colors from the logo in creating clean lines that contrast the diagonal of the structure.

Outerbanks and Outerbanks Premium - I led this project to segment the brand in two price point tiers.

Beekman Home - Design for a private label developed to fill the need for more traditional, classic home product. The system was built to be as versatile as possible as it was to be used in a wide variety of goods.