Ritz Crackers Seasonal - The challenge was to evoke each season or theme while staying with the brand color of red. This was accomplished with large scale central graphics that set the tone by framing the brand logo.

Despicable Me Nabisco - These designs successfully used proprietary assets arranged to appear as if interacting with the product in actual size. Relationship of scale was important as the licensed characters had to take up no less than 50% of the primary panel.

Salsa Science - This concept for a line of salsa leverages a unique beaker-shaped bottle and color-coded label system to evoke a special “secret formula” feel. The spice level abbreviations are meant to resemble listings of elements on the periodic table.

Peabody Farms Mixed Nuts- Stand up pouches with product visible through clear window. Brand consistency was achieved through the sun ray graphic elements with a color system to provide product differentiation.

Planters Peanut Flavors - The flavor cues were created through the use of textured background and photo real elements shown with heavily seasoned product photography.