A special consideration when designing unbranded beauty packaging is how to give it a unique shelf identity that feels proprietary. It can be challenging to create a viable option in such a heavily branded space. However, without a prescribed visual system to start from, there is a lot of opportunity to experiment and explore fresh ideas.

Super Hydrating Moisturizer - The strong typographic messaging, which “speaks” to you from the shelf, provides a central focal point for this unbranded moisturizer.

Lavender Infused Night Souffle - The use of a “lavender”color cues the featured ingredient while a gloss white jar sends a “fresh and clean” message.

Vitamin C Night Cream - This line of product is all about ingredient cue. Spot gloss on the pixel-like squares serve to lead the eye and frame the carton’s descriptor.

Marula Oil Body Butter - A pearlescent substrate and minimalist type surround a central messaged medallion.

Skintense Olive Oil Body Butter - Research indicated that black was starting to cross over from the cosmetics sector into skincare. Stylized type was used for a proprietary look and a pale green drop provides the ingredient cue.

So Smooth Body Firming Cream - The messaging is the focus of this design. A clean clinical look was the goal.